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Welcome to is dedicated to providing the latest up to date information regarding the advances toward a commercially viable lithium air battery. Lithium air batteries offer many benefits over currently available battery, namely an energy density comparable to gasoline which will allow vehicles powered by these batteries to have an effective range indistinguishable from current fossil fueled propulsion technology.

While lithium air batteries are still many years away from being ready for commercial applications there has been a steady amount of progress toward overcoming the many obstacles faced by scientists and engineers working on the technology. Stay on top of the latest advances with our news section.

While the environmental impact of this technology will be most profound when they are integrated into electric and hybrid vehicles the first applications of this new energy storage technology will be portable electronics such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. Due to increased energy density lithium air batteries will allow longer usage between charges while also reducing overall weight of devices, a big selling point for anyone used to carrying a heavy laptop everywhere they go. When they first come to market they will likely be too expensive to be used in vehicles, barring a major increase in crude prices.